Buy and Sell Private Schools With Confidence

Private School Brokers offers services to private school buyers and sellers. We help all forms of private institutions such as non-profits, colleges, and private K-12 schools. With our expertise and connections, we can walk you step by step through the process.

We List Schools and Match With Ideal Buyers

Our team of professionals lists private schools for sale so the right buyers can find them. We set you up for success by highlighting the best aspects of your institution. With our assistance, potential buyers will know exactly what assets you have to offer them.

Buyers Trust us to Find The Right Deal For Them

Buyers trust us to find the right investment for them. After sitting down with them to hear the type of investment they are looking for, we will put together a list of potential properties. Our professionals are highly familiar with the process and can guide any investor through a sale.

Craft Your Vision and Meet Your Goals

We believe that when you know your vision, you can craft a plan to meet your goals. When you use our services, we’ll partner with you to make your dreams reality. It’s our passion to help you reach your results as quick as possible.

Contact us to Get Exceptional Service

Contact the team at Private School Brokers today. You can feel confident with the next phase of your business. Once we hear from you, we'll get to work on finding the right person for you to enter into a contract with.